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Our lines, each with their own mirrored colour and feminine beauty.

‘Mirror mirror on the wall…’ The reflective labelling which fully promotes the company’s name whilst enhancing the beautiful Phalaenopsis, makes a Bonito Plant difficult to miss. Three types are available, each with their own mirrored colouring and feminine beauty.

Bonito Silver

This comprehensive selection is offered mixed or arranged by variety or colour and supplied with the silver mirrored label in a silver 10-hole tray.

Bonito Gold

The Bonito Gold line is characterised by an attractive blend of the highest quality plants, exclusive varieties, optimum colour mix and stage 2 maturity. This line is provided with the gold mirrored label, a gold 10-hole tray and a Bonito Gold poster attached to the trolley.

Bonito White

The Bonito White line is centred on the premier quality, large flowering white, stage 2 maturity Phalaenopsis. This line is supplied with the black mirrored label, a transparent 10-hole tray and a Bonito White poster attached to the trolley.

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